Group Meeting Results

Yesterday’s group meeting was really productive, and I left with the impression that we were all on the same page. I hope that’s the case, and I guess we’ll see when we read each other’s blog posts.

What I understood our plan to be is a “choose-your-own-adventure” style interactive website. The first page will be the honor code, which each user must approve. (I don’t mean they would have to create an account, just that they have to click through the Honor Code page to get to the rest of the site).

From there, the user goes through a series of pages which simulate the process of becoming a Mary Washington student. Users read excerpts from the Student Handbook and course catalog, learning information about classes and student life which influences their experience. They then “choose” a major (four of the listed majors will be hyperlinks, the rest simply a list) and after having chosen a major, they can “choose” courses offered that year.

We will include a sidebar so that the website need not be viewed in any strict order; should someone wish to examine all four different majors before moving on to the next step, they can do so through the sidebar, rather than clicking back and forth.

No matter which major the user chooses, they will then go through to pages including housing selection and Bullet articles. We will also include a page with school reviews from “current” students (alumnae interviews).

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