Post #1: The Collection

I had signed up to study both course catalogs and the Aubade for the 1960s, but I have just learned that the Aubade did not begin to be

There are ten course catalogs and smaller course booklets detailing the classes available during Summer Sessions. The books all seem to be in very good quality. One or two of them have a loose page, but only here and there, which is comforting, because I would be a little afraid to handle them if they were too fragile.

These detail much the same information that we still include in today’s equivalent; information about majors, credits, and course requirements. They also include basic information about the various offices and the faculty and staff.

Each book is about ten inches tall, perhaps five inches wide, and 220 pages long. The covers of the books from the ’59-’60 school year through the ’68-’69 school year are dark blue with white lettering. Beginning in 1969, the books are cream colored and feature a photograph of a Mary Washington student in increasingly 70’s-esque clothing.

In the first nine years worth of books, the catalogs contain information about the school first, followed by a list of course offerings organized by department, and then a few pages of black-and-white photographs of school activities.

The final volume is much the same, but includes more pictures, often as thumbnails accompanying the information, rather than as an appendix at the end.

Naturally, the summer session catalogs are much shorter. They contain only very basic information about the school itself, probably on the assumption that students have already attended at least one year of classes, and fewer course offerings. Like the full-length catalog for the following academic year, the summer session catalog for 1968-1969 includes more pictures and reflects the new design.

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