An Introduction

Last time I wrote an introductory post for one of my class blogs, it was for “When Americans Came Marching Home”, my Freshman seminar. I went back to that post out of curiosity, to see what had changed, and was amused to read this little time capsule from freshman year.

It stands to reason that I’m not 19 anymore (22 now) and I’m certainly not still procrastinating on that German assignment. (These days, I’m procrastinating on my German thesis instead.)

I’m still a fluent German and Latvian speaker, and I’m working on adding Irish Gaelic to that list as well. And naturally I’m still a Civil War nut.

In my copious free time, I like to write novels, knit and decorate interesting cakes. Once, for Carrie Schlupp’s birthday, we outlined Georgia and the Carolinas and traced Sherman’s march to the sea in lit candles. But my two favorite cakes are the ones I’ve included pictures of below.


"H.M.S. Surprise"

This is a cake model of the ship “H.M.S. Surprise” from the movie “Master and Commander”. My cousin Anna (she’s in the picture) and I are both fans, and so we have gummy bears acting out scenes from the movie. Note the mastheaded midshipman, the gummy bears weighing anchor, and Mr. Hollom jumping off the side holding a jelly-bean cannonball. (Yes, we know that’s sick.)


The Gettysburg Address

This is the cake we made for Sean Redmiles, who not only is a fan of Lincoln, but also looks like him. The Edward Everett gummy bear is my pride and joy, with his long scroll, and I’m fond of Lincoln’s little stovepipe hat as well. And since there apparently has to be a macabre aspect to all my cakes, the freshly dug graves made of oreos and oval cookies.

One Response to “An Introduction”

  1. jmcclurken says:

    This post is all kinds of awesome. First of all because you went back to your initial post from your first semester at UMW, but also because those cakes are amazing, both aesthetically and historically.